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PHSE is today a market leader in the transport and distribution of hospital and home temperature controlled pharmaceutical products, unique in Italy for the type of services offered and expertise.

PHSE is one of the few international providers specialized exclusively in the biopharma segment and in the management of worldwide shipments (by air, land and sea) of pharmaceutical products and clinical trials in support of clinical research, at any temperature required.

Founded in 2002, in almost 20 years of history, the company has developed a high level of specialization conquering more than 50% of the Italian 2-8°C distribution market. The co-investment agreement, reached in December 2019 between entrepreneur Eddy De Vita and NB Aurora to take over control of PHSE, marked an important step in PHSE business development and brought managerial expertise and new financial resources to accelerate the company’s growth path.

With 400 employees and proprietary fleet of more than 370 new generation vehicles, PHSE now has 21 branches with GDP warehouses, as well as its subsidiary Innoplus, a leading manufacturer and distributor of validated packaging solutions and intelligent devices capable of tracking any shipment data.

Over the years, PHSE has received CEIV Pharma certifications from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), ISO 9001-2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), TAPA TSR (Safety), GDP and the Authorization to Transport Radioactive Material by Road.

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