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Temperature Controlled
Life Care Distribution

By creating the first European active temperature- controlled Life Care distribution network, a mutual benefit for customers, patients, shippers, transport companies and the environment is created.


Skandi Network is a co-operation of leading domestic specialists with a strong expertise in the field of active temperature-controlled transport and distribution of pharmaceuticals and life care products to virtually all hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, nursing homes, care facilities, doctor’s and veterinary surgeries, laboratories, home patients and field service organizations of the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, the pharmaceutical & life care industry must address several strategic challenges such as increasing quality demands, expanding distribution range, flexibility, visibility and cost efficiency.

Our Network Partners have determined that, thanks to their unique footprint in the European pharma key markets and the strong IT developments over the recent years, they could be part of the solution by creating Skandi Network, the first European active temperature-controlled distribution network 100 % dedicated to public health that meet all requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

All Network Partners are working along very high standards and are very committed to a sustainable policy.  Shipments are distributed as set by the European GDP (Good Distribution Practices) and national logistics regulations.

By expanding their local services to more than 25 countries, each Network Partner can now contribute to tackle these strategic challenges by offering the pharmaceutical & life care industry a solid and innovative One-Stop-Shop solution / value proposition.

On a global scale, Life Logistics Network has joined Skandi Network as a “Supporting Partner” of the network. The same applies in the opposite direction.  Life Logistics Network is a global network composed of top-class pharmaceutical forwarders around the world who will have access to SKANDI Network.

By the end of 2025, 32 countries will be covered by Skandi Network.


The GDP guideline defines the standards governing the safety, cleanliness, transparency and integrity of the goods provide throughout the entire supply chain.

All shipments are handled consistently and according standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and the EU Good Distribution Practice (EU GDP) directive 2013/C 343/01 for road transport and distribution activities of medical products for human and veterinary use.

The advantage of working with a network that has been assessed, audited and has technical agreements in place to provide solid services, is that full compliance throughout the supply chain is ensured.

SKANDI NETWORK “Skandi 360°”

Skandi 360° is a tailormade digital collaborative platform for managing shipments and real time end-to-end visibility to shippers and receivers. And this up to colli level with full overview of the standardize status events, temperature data and discrepancies events.

Skandi 360° ensures an increased density and speed of uniform, standardised and secure information flow on all transport systems and product variants between all network partners.

Thanks to the increased information density and information speed by Skandi 360°, we guarantee 100% transparency for the customers of our network partners.

By providing continuously available real-time shipment information, we measure, analyse and report daily on the various KPIs performance of all our network partners…


Offering the pharmaceutical and life care industry a solid and innovative one-stop-shop solution/value proposition by tackling today’s strategic logistics challenges of our customers.

The major advantage for shippers out of the healthcare industry is one entry access to a GDP temperature-controlled network to ship easily, securely and in a cost-efficient way cross-border. It will increase the consolidation of the shipments and therefore it will increase and align in quality. On top it is more cost efficient and reduce emissions significantly.

Morten StudsgaardCEO - BHS Logistics


  • support the following active temperature-controlled ranges : 2-8°C, 15-25°, 2-25°, – 25°C (in passive packaging)
  • finished human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, biomedical products and API’s
  • temperature sensitive medical devices and diagnostic
  • general healthcare products which require temperature-controlled transport to ensure product quality
  • temperature-controlled network for parcels and 1 to 5 pallets shipments
  • B2B and B2P
  • European temperature controlled linehauling, air shipments, crossdocking and lastmile delivery
  • cross border from each country to each country
  • covering 23 countries at the start and 35 by 2025




Countries covered (36 by 2025)


Strategic Regional Consolidation Platforms


Temperature Controlled Depots


Temperature controlled fleet


Temperature controlled shipments


In terms of sustainability Skandi Network has two main objectives and two benefits.

Our first objective is to investigate realistic technological solutions for sustainable fuels, vehicles, and refrigeration technologies. The second objective  is to design a sustainable roadmap for the environment by aligning partner actions in key areas to help reduce CO2 emissions across the network by 2030, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, and to reach Zero Emission level in 2050 latest.

The beneficial collaboration in Skandi Network will reduce emissions per shipment because of two facts:
First is higher consolidation and drop factors in long haul and on the last mile because of the combination of national and international shipments. Second is that the active temperature-controlled transport eliminates the need for temperature-controlled packaging (TCP) solutions and passive packaging solutions, which lead to higher transport weights, higher return transports and/or higher waste and disposal cost.

Nuno Rangel
CEO Rangel Logistics Solutions



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